Commercial Popcorn Supplies and Popcorn Accessories

The most popular and profitable concession food in the world!

Popcorn is a staple for large gatherings such as sport games, concerts, private events, and much more. The delicious, buttery smell makes mouths water and is a great giveaway or draws traffic to any size company.

We’re a top Canadian commercial distributor of popcorn supplies and popcorn accessories, including bulk popcorn kernels, wholesale popcorn oil, popcorn packaging, flavacol popcorn salt, and more. If you’re in the market for a popcorn machine, we offer a number of leading brands for both rent or sale, from 4 oz. kettles that are perfect for home theatres, to twin 52-oz. commercial popcorn machines for large arenas and events.

Keep you concession food business popping with the best equipment, accessories, and bulk popcorn in Canada!

Popcorn Supplies

Find everything you need to start popping off! We have an unmatched selection of gourmet and concession popcorn supplies, such as canola popping oil, bulk popcorn kernels, flavorful popcorn salt, and everything else you need to make your own gourmet or movie-style wholesale popcorn.

Popcorn Packaging

No matter how you like your concession popcorn served, we can deliver. Choose a fun type of popcorn box for your business, or stick to classic, theatre-style popcorn bags and popcorn cups. We have every type of popcorn packaging imaginable!

Popcorn Machine Rental or Purchase

Get a popcorn machine from Canada’s best – Gold Medal commercial popcorn machines are the industry standard! We have a number of popcorn machine rentals for one-off events, or grab a new commercial popcorn machine that’s a treat to customers’ eyes and noses!