Chill out with Snow Cone Syrup, Ice Cream Supplies, and Frozen Treats!

Our frozen treats are worth the brain freeze.

We have all your frozen favourites that’ll create sizzling sales for your business, including our signature Jolly Rancher snow cone syrup flavours, velvety ice cream mix selections, slush syrup, waffle cones, and more!

If that isn’t cool enough, we carry everything you need to fill out your own one-stop snow cone shop or ice cream store – grab a slushie machine, snow cone machine, or soft serve ice cream machine for your storefront, commercial ice cream equipment and supplies, and snow cone cups!

Wholesale Snow Cone, Slushie and Ice Cream Supplies

We are an official supplier of Jolly Rancher Slush, with numerous Jolly Rancher snow cone syrup and slush syrup flavours available for your own frozen treats. We’re also top distributors of wholesale ice cream supplies (ice cream mix, ice cream cones, waffle cones, and more) and snow cone supplies in Canada!

Slushie Cups, Snow Cone Cups and Ice Cream Cone Holders

Frozen treats are best served…well, frozen. Keep your slushies, snow cones, and ice creams above melting temperature with wholesale snow cone cups, slushie cups, ice cream cone holders, paper cones, bottles, and other supplies.

Snow Cone and Slush Machines for Sale or Rent

Heat up your profits with a durable slushie machine or snow cone machine that cuts through ice with ease. Each snow cone machine or slush machine for commercial use pumps out enough ice to keep your waves of customers cool and satisfied! Whether you’re looking for a commercial snow cone or slush machine for sale or rent, you’ve come to the right concession food distributor.