The perfect light snack.

As a leading cotton candy supplier in Canada, we don’t take cotton candy lightly. It’s the quintessential snack to any childhood or trip to the carnival. Cotton candy is synonymous with celebrations and amusement parks, and rightfully so – is there a more fun concession favourite than the airy, sugary treat?

Bring those sweet sentiments to your business with our collection of cotton candy flavours, or spin your own bulk cotton candy with our high-end cotton candy makers and machines, as well as all the cotton candy packaging & ingredients you need!


Stock up on our prepackaged, ready-to-enjoy bulk cotton candy, or find all the floss sugars and cotton candy flavouring to bring this classic snack back to your business!


Cotton candy is feather-light, so we wouldn’t want the wind carrying it away. Find all the cotton candy packaging you need, from tubs and lids, to floss cones and simple cotton candy bags.

Equipment For Purchase

Buy a cotton candy maker and start spinning your own cotton candy flavours! We carry candy floss machines, cotton candy carts, displays for merchandisers, and floss bubbles & accessories!