Commercial Cotton Candy Supplies

The perfect light snack.

As a leader in commercial cotton candy supplies and bulk cotton candy in Canada, we don’t take cotton candy lightly. It’s the quintessential treat that evokes memories of your childhood or a trip to the carnival. Cotton candy is synonymous with celebrations and amusement parks, and rightfully so – is there a more fun concession food than the airy, sugary treat?

Bring those sweet sentiments to your business with our collection of wholesale, prepackaged cotton candy, or spin your own bulk cotton candy with our high-end cotton candy sugar, made from premium ingredients.

If you’re on the hunt for a quality commercial cotton candy machine for sale, we carry the leading brands in the concession supplies market.

Wholesale Cotton Candy & Floss Sugar

Stock up on our prepackaged, ready-to-enjoy bulk cotton candy, or find an assortment of cotton candy floss sugar flavours to bring this classic snack to your business!

Cotton Candy Cones, Bags, and Tubs

Cotton candy is feather-light, so you wouldn’t want the wind carrying it away! Keep the airy treat in customers’ hands with our selection of carnival cotton candy cones, cotton candy tubs, and cotton candy bags.

Cotton Candy Machines and Candy Floss Machines

Start spinning your own cotton candy flavours with fun cotton candy machines or candy floss machines! If your business has been looking for an affordable candy floss machine or commercial cotton candy machine for sale, you can also grab a used cotton candy machine or floss machine from us – we carry sizes for every venue or occasion.