Blooming Onions, Funnel Cake Products, and other Fried Concession Foods!

Fry up sizzling sales and indulge in our selection of fried concession foods!

We carry everything you need to add these carnival food classics to your menu – blooming onion batter mix, wholesale dipping chocolate, funnel cake products, funnel cake makers, and more!

Wholesale Funnel Cake Mix, Bulk Dipping Chocolate, and Blooming Onion Batter

It all starts with high-quality concession items for appetizing profits. Check out our variety of wholesale funnel cake mix (widely regarded as the best funnel cake mix for concessions!), blooming onion batter, and decadent commercial dipping chocolate.

Food Skewers, Funnel Cake Plates, French Fry Baskets

Serve up your fried commercial food favourites with our diverse fried food packaging options. We’re a top concession supplies distributor of wood skewers for good ol’ fashioned corn dogs, funnel cake plates, and wholesale french fry baskets in Canada!

Commercial Funnel Cake Makers and Corn Dog Machines

Make fried carnival food classics the right way! Pick up an old fashioned corn dog maker or gas/electric funnel cake fryers from the concession industry’s leading brands! Our selection of commercial corn dog deep fryers and funnel cake makers are available for purchase or rental.