#8075 K-6 Shallow Fryer


When it comes to funnel cake fryers, single and shallow are the best assets! The K-6 Shallow Fryer holds up to 35 lbs. of oil and 4 funnel cakes a time. This funnel cake fryer features stainless steel construction, tubular heat element with dial heat control, a removable powerhead and an emergency stop button and safety drain plug. This is an affordable fryer that is great for entry level as it is perfect for small to medium locations!

  • Holds up to 35 lbs. of oil & 4 funnel cakes at a time
  • Tubular heat element with dial heat control
  • Stainless steel construction and removeable powerhead
  • Emergency stop button & safety drain plug
  • Affordable, great for entry level
  • Perfect for small to medium locations
Dimensions: 12″ x 27.5″ x 25.5″ (DxWxH)
Electrical Specifications:
  • 208/240V,6,500 Watts,6-50P Amp Plug
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