Medallion 52-oz. Industrial Popcorn Machine


A fast 52-oz. industrial popcorn machine with Big Eye Electronic Heat Control makes better tasting bulk popcorn—and more of it—in a commercial grade popcorn machine that lasts and lasts! FlexiPop® option available. All Medallion commercial popcorn poppers feature the 3-way Gold Medal filter system. Pops approximately 1000oz. of perfect popcorn per hour!

Dimensions: 77″ x 36″ x 28″ (DxWxH)
Electrical Specifications:
  • 120V,60Hz,32.7Amps,7180 Watts
Available Options Include:
- B (includes base)
- D (deep well corn storage)
- X (230v-50Hz)
- N (neon "Popcorn" sign)
- Z (Flexi-Pop 52oz. or 31 oz with "flip of a switch")
- S (Salt-Sweet Switch)
- V (external vent hood delay circuit)
Additional options may be available, contact Wonderland Food and Equipment for more details.
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