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Getting Creative with Popcorn Concession Supplies

When it comes to large public events or venues, it isn’t easy to estimate the volume of popcorn supplies you’ll need to meet consumer demand.

Your business should never underestimate on popcorn concessions – in this business, those are dollars that’ll never come back. Having extra popcorn ingredients, packaging, and equipment on hand is how you’ll ensure you’re maximizing profits at every event.

Having said that, when the turnout is lower than expected, you could be left with a surplus of supplies. And if the next concert, community event, fundraiser, or county fair you’re attending is a ways away, you’ll need to do something with those extra concessions.

We’ll share a few ways to get creative with those popcorn supplies, so none of your investment dollars go to waste.

Find Opportunities

Always be on the lookout for smart opportunities to get your popcorn products –

and by extension, brand name – in front of hungry eyes.

According to Convenience Store News, 70% of consumers cite their mood as the primary motivation for buying a salty snack. 

Knowing this, there’s no better product than popcorn to trigger that impulse. A popcorn machine popping fresh kernels will produce that buttery aroma shoppers can’t resist. And since emotion drives these impulses, you can utilize an array of popcorn flavours to appeal to broader markets.

Where can the distinct scent of popcorn attract the most traffic? Consider outdoor sport tournaments, local, seasonal markets, school events, parades, and other fun ‘pop’ortunities.

Share and Network

Donating leftover popcorn supplies won’t add to business wealth, but it does add to the community’s wealth.

Deliver popcorn to causes that are important to your business. It could be an event at the school your children attend, your local community center, sports tournaments, charities, or other local venues that support the community.

Contact the person in charge of concessions, and let them know about the extra popcorn available. They’ll likely be thrilled, and will certainly keep you in mind when they need a concession supplier for their next event.

Store Ingredients Correctly

If there’s no other way to utilize all those popcorn kernels, packaging, and equipment, you’ll need to store the raw materials correctly so nothing spoils.

Popcorn popping ingredients should be kept in a cool, dry area. Luckily, they have a decent shelf life when stored safely, and will be good until the indicated expiry date. If you have popcorn machines for storage, ensure the entire piece of equipment is thoroughly cleaned with proper popcorn cleaning supplies.

We recommend specialized cleaners for kettles, carbon build-up removers for the interior, and heavy-duty glass cleaner for the, well, glass.

Too much popcorn is never a bad thing. A surplus of supplies doesn’t spell doom for your business’s profits if you’re creative and proactive.

 If you’re looking to stock or re-stock on popcorn kernels, ingredients, packaging, or need extra popcorn equipment, Wonderland Foods is a leading Canadian dealer and distributor for the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of fun food!

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