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Make Your Gourmet Popcorn Stand Out at the CNE

The Canadian National Exhibition is just around the corner, and you want to make sure your booth has the best CNE food in 2018. One great way to stand out in the CNE food building is by outshining the competition with the wildest gourmet popcorn confectionary you can think of.

As the GTA’s top supplier of popcorn makers/kernels/bags/flavours for vendors, here are some ways you can make gourmet popcorn that’ll top the lists of Best CNE Food in 2018.

Go Beyond Caramel Popcorn

With gourmet popcorn, many people think the only ways to go is savoury or sweet, but the reality is that popcorn is such a versatile snack that you can garnish it with virtually topping or flavour you can think of.

For instance, the idea of Maple Sriracha Popcorn might sound bonkers at first brush, but it’s exactly the sort of CNE food people are looking for in 2018. It’s fun, it’s exotic and it’s something you can only find at the biggest food exhibition in the country.

You can even spice things like traditional caramel popcorn up with additions like cinnamon or even marshmallow!

Get Fun and Colourful Popcorn Packaging

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but presentation is a big deal when it comes to fun food. You aren’t just selling gourmet popcorn in the CNE food building, you’re creating an aesthetic experience for exhibition goers – everyone wants a fun food Instagram-worthy pic –  and you can make it even more special for them with creative popcorn packaging.

You can beyond traditional red-and-white stripes with creative branding for your popcorn supplies, or go outside the box with containers like cones or fun bags.

Don’t be Afraid to Mix It Up

Some people are purists with movie theatre popcorn, and consider mixing that sacred snack with slim jims or Reese’s Pieces to be a personal insult. However, those rules shouldn’t apply outside the cinema! Don’t be afraid to mix in pretzels, candy, or even mint into your gourmet popcorn.

Once you start thinking about how they could go with different spices, the combinations are endless.

When you need popcorn makers/kernels/bags/flavours, come to Wonderland Food and Equipment for the widest selection of commercial popcorn supplies in the GTA. With our help, you’ll be the talk of the CNE food building in 2018!