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Get Freshly Popped Gourmet Popcorn from Vince’s Market Uxbridge, Courtesy of Wonderland Food!

In collaboration with Wonderland Food, Vince’s Market Uxbridge has become the first supermarket in Ontario to feature a gourmet popcorn installation that provides customers with freshly popped specialty popcorn in a variety of fun flavours.

Always a favourite concession stand food, gourmet popcorn installations are the newest trend in North American supermarkets, with brands like IGA, Kroger and Whole Foods opening gourmet popcorn kiosks within their stores. These locations offer not only enviable profit margins, but enhance the shopping experience with sights and smells consumers of all ages will love as they wander through store aisles.

Featuring Movie Style, Caramel, Cheese, and Chicago Mix gourmet popcorn flavours popped fresh in the Uxbridge store, this adventure food both elevates the shopping experience and offers massive profits margins.

A gourmet popcorn concession stand can also diversify product offerings with trays for birthday parties and corporate events, as well as seasonal promotions with decorative packaging. For instance, offering adventure food like Candy Cane gourmet popcorn for Christmas, or Spooky Caramel gourmet popcorn for Halloween.

To see (and taste) how a Wonderland Food gourmet popcorn stand can create an upscale shopping experience, visit Vince’s Market Uxbridge at 234 Toronto St S!

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