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Cupid-Struck Concession Food Stand Ideas for Valentine’s Day

There’s no better way to show the love to your concession business’ customers this Valentine’s Day than themed indulgences.

Cupid-inspired concession stand food is a great way to make couples taking a romantic stroll stop and have a playful bite of sweet and salty concession favourites.

This is how your concession stand can cash in on heart-struck lovers that are ready to spend and impress their date:

Valentine’s Day Popcorn Mix

Boxes of chocolate? Boring.

A bag of red, pink, and white gourmet popcorn? That’s true love.

You can elevate the attraction level of your commercial popcorn offerings with specialty red cherry, pink cherry, and vanilla flavourings. For an even sweeter treat, you can make a batch of bulk popcorn using Glaze Pop mix. It’s unique, sweet notes, including cherry, blue raspberry, grape, and caramel, have been seducing popcorn lovers since the 80’s.

Cupid’s Arrow Mini Hot Dogs

This creative recipe is the byproduct of a ton of bulk hotdogs, and a ton of spare time on our hands.

We guarantee you haven’t seen this concession snack before, and all you’ll need is bulk hot dogs, wood skewers, and an open mind.

Chop the ends of a hot dog diagonally, and then put the two ends together to form a little hot dog heart. Rinse and repeat until the skewer is adorned with meat hearts. Who says concession stand food can’t be dreamy?

Classic Candy Apples

For sweethearts with a sweet tooth, candy apples make for a great treat to snack on while taking a slow stroll. Red is synonymous with the holiday of course, and you can up the sweetness with drizzles of dipping chocolate or red and pink candies.

As an added bonus, apples have a heart-healthy reputation, too: studies suggest eating apples daily can lower cholesterol levels and two other markers linked to plaques and inflammation in artery walls. Besides cardiovascular upsides, apples are also known to regulate blood sugar, and control appetites. How romantic.

You’ll love our concession items for your business. From gourmet popcorn to candy apples, we’re a top Canadian distributor of concession stand foods. Come check us out!