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The Craziest Carnival Concession Ideas We’ve Seen (and Eaten)

One of the perks of distributing concession food ingredients and supplies across Canada are the crazy concessions and carnival foods we discover.

From tempting to shocking, we’ve seen (and eaten) some truly festive foodtopias that have no regard for cholesterol levels – but we can’t fault these fun twists on concession classics.

Have you eaten crazier concession creations than these?

Fried Ice Cream Burger

Burger buns have held the brunt of our wildest food ideas, from ramen noodles to hot fudge.

So, burgers should be accustomed to odd condiments – though a fat scoop of fried ice cream is bordering on cruel & unusual punishment. We’re not scientists, just food distributors, so don’t ask us how the ice cream doesn’t melt during the frying process or while sitting on a hot burger patty.


What we can say is these foods are best enjoyed one after the other. If you’re buying ice cream or fryers from us, please practice crazy concessions responsibly.

Scorpion Pizza

What is scorpion pizza?


Exactly what it sounds like: a regular cheese pizza topped with unsettling, full-bodied scorpions. We love visiting Calgary, where this abomination was born, but we’ll stick with the Stampede over these scorpions.

Mealworm-Coated Caramel Apple

You know those people who are scared of eating an apple in fear of finding half-a-worm?

Well this is what you eat as you laugh in their face:


If you’re looking for traditional candy or caramel apples – or a canvas to create your own creepy crawly treat – we’ve got you covered.

Massive Marshmallow Crunch

Exclusive to the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, these bites of heaven are the ultimate comfort food.


The marshmallows are dipped and fried in batter, and finished with icing sugar, chocolate pieces, ice cream, caramel, and chocolate sauce. Everything you need for a balanced diet.

Cheeseburger Egg Roll

Can’t people just leave burgers alone?


Evidently not. This American-Asian fusion comes from the Norfolk County Fair in Simcoe, Ontario, and is loaded with meat, fried onions, and a bacon ranch sauce that’s worth the price of admission.

Sugar Mountain

This is truly dessert-ception: a dessert, in a dessert, in a dessert.


Maybe as difficult to conquer as climbing a real mountain, this Sugar Mountain is the answer if you can’t decide between a brownie, cheesecake, doughnut, or cotton candy. Oh, and it’s topped with powdered sugar and held together by a sugar cone dipped in white chocolate, because why not.

Fiesta Funnel Cake

Your mouth may need a siesta after this Fiesta Funnel Cake:


Jalapeno-infused salsa con queso drips into every crevice of this funnel cake for a spicy dessert that’ll get your taste buds doing La Cucaracha.

If you prefer something sweet over spicy, there’s no shame in fresh, old-fashioned funnel cake.


Mamma mia! That’s a big cal…zag…za….food.


This one-part calzone, one-part lasagna, one-part pizza pie is a medley of traditional Italian dishes. Don’t tell Nonna.

Ready to create your own crazy concessions or carnival foods?

Wonderland Foods & Equipment supplies fun, tasty, nostalgic carnival food favourites that can be the foundation of your wildest food ideas. We have everything – gourmet caramel popcorn, nachos, cotton candy, and more – to make your fun food connection!

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